Mexico Travel Insurance (2024)

Mexico Travel Insurance (1)

Travel Insurance Mexico: Advice for Visitors and Safety Tips

If you are dreaming of a getaway or vacation, Mexico remains a very popular destination thanks to its rich culture, friendly people, and breathtaking natural scenery. However, travelers should be aware of safety concerns facing visitors in the country. You may ask, is Mexico travel insurance necessary? Due to the different safety issues and illnesses that can arise, we recommend purchasing insurance when traveling to Mexico.

Travel Insurance in Mexico for Visitors

In order to avoid a potentially large doctor’s bill, visitors to Mexico are wise to obtain some form of travel health insurance that is accepted by providers in the country.

For residents of the United States and certain other countries, some private insurance carriers extend their domestic coverage to treatment abroad. Such coverage typically has strict limits, however; it generally will not cover long visits, and travelers may be dramatically limited in the clinics or hospitals that they can visit in Mexico. Moreover, a patient is typically required to pay upfront for services and wait for reimbursem*nt from their domestic insurance provider.

Because of the limitations of such coverage, it is often beneficial to purchase Mexican travel insurance that provides emergency medical coverage during your stay. The particular type of travel insurance that is best depends on the expected length of your visit. Short-term visitors should look into travel insurance plans, while those planning on residing in Mexico for an extended period should consider an international health insurance plan. Mexican trip cancellation plans for tourists cover the cost of your Mexican holiday, including flights and hotel expenses.

Mexican Travel Insurance Plans

Before arriving, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on all things you should know and consider when it comes to safety guidelines and travel medical insurance for short-term stays in Mexico. Purchasing a Mexico travel insurance plan to cover your stay in Mexico will relieve unnecessary hassles.

Knowing what to look for in a travel insurance plan is important as well. Ensuring that the insurance company has the proper infrastructure in place to serve travelers is critical. One key component of this is a toll-free number that provides assistance in your home language 24 hours a day. Providing assistance in locating a doctor who speaks English or another language is another point to look into. If you are concerned about covering the cost of your trip if you have to cancel, consider one of the trip cancellation plans listed below.

Mexican Travel Health Insurance Plans

The Atlas Travel Insurance Plan is available to most nationalities (excluding Canadian and Australian citizens) and provides excellent benefits at an affordable price. The Atlas plan provides travelers to Mexico with the following benefits and coverage: Flexible deductible options, hospitalization and outpatient coverage, personal liability, prescription medication, evacuation and repatriation, and mountaineering (up to 4,500 meters!), and trip interruption benefits up to $10,000. Covid-19 is covered as well.

Mexico Travel Insurance (2)

Atlas Travel Insurance

  • Emergency medical, evacuation, repatriation benefits
  • Choose between the basic and more extensive coverage
  • Meets Schengen visa insurance requirements
  • 24/7 worldwide travel and emergency medical assistance

Plan Details | View Brochure | Apply Online

Travel Insurance for Canadians and Australians Visiting Mexico

Canadians and Australians traveling to Mexico are not eligible for the Atlas plan listed above. A great alternative is the Seven Corners Travel Insurance plan.

Mexico Travel Insurance (3)

Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance

  • Comprehensive medical coverage with benefits up to $5,000,000.
  • Adventure activities coverage available.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation protection up to $500,000.

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Travel Insurance for US Citizens Visiting Mexico

Mexico is the number one destination for travelers from the USA. It is affordable, close, warm, and has great beaches. There are also risks that come with traveling to Mexico. US citizens need comprehensive travel insurance to cover any surprises while visiting. Here we recommend two travel insurance plans for US citizens visiting Mexico.

Trip Cancellation for US Citizens Traveling to Mexico

Mexico Travel Insurance (4)

Seven Corners Trip Protection Insurance

  • Comprehensive trip protection for U.S. residents traveling abroad.
  • Optional rental car collision coverage available.
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage available (if eligible).

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Travel Insurance for Visitors from the USA to Mexico

Mexico Travel Insurance (5)

GeoBlue Voyager Plan

  • For U.S. citizens up to age 95
  • Includes pregnancy coverage, baggage loss, trip interruption & more
  • 24/7/365 service and assistance

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Safety Concerns Facing Travel to Mexico

International news stations often cover stories on the tolls of the drug war in Mexico, and concerns about this potential safety issue often give would-be visitors pause. However, keep in mind that the violence related to the drug war is typically contained to those involved in Mexico’s drug trade and Mexico’s security forces; visitors to the country are rarely targeted. Paying attention to emerging news stories, traveling to Mexico during the day, and sticking to major highways can help mitigate the risk of falling victim to drug-related violence.

Pickpockets and bag snatchers are more common threats to visitors. Crowded buses and trains, bus stops and terminals, airports, local markets, and crowded streets and plazas in large cities are common locations for pickpockets to find their targets. These thieves generally work in teams to distract would-be victims. Staying alert to your surroundings, minimizing the cash and valuables you keep on your person, and avoiding having any expensive gadgets in plain view can lessen your risk of pickpocketing.

For the most up-to-date information about specific threats in particular regions, consulting the warnings issued by theU.S. State Department or U.K. Foreign Office can provide more detailed guidance for those about to leave for Mexico and those already in the country.

Vaccinations Required for Travel to Mexico

Mexico does not require that those entering the country show proof of vaccinations; however, certain vaccines are well-advised for all visitors due to common health concerns in the region, while those traveling to particular areas might need additional vaccinations.

Hepatitis A: Vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended for most travelers to Mexico as this disease can be transmitted via contaminated water or food throughout the country, whether you are planning to stay in a rural village or a luxury resort.

Typhoid: Like hepatitis A, typhoid can be contracted via contaminated water or food throughout the country. Vaccination is recommended for most travelers, particularly those who are planning to stay in a local’s home, those who are visiting Mexico’s rural areas and smaller cities, and those who enjoy sampling local, adventurous dishes.

Hepatitis B: Transmission of hepatitis B is possible via contaminated needles, sexual contact, and exposure to bodily fluids (such as blood). Vaccination is recommended for those travelers who are planning on getting a new tattoo or piercing or having a new sexual partner while in the country, as well as those who might have a medical procedure while in the country.

Malaria: Avoiding mosquito bites is the best way to prevent malaria. If you’re planning on spending significant time outdoors–and particularly if you plan to camp outdoors–you may need to take prescription medication before and during your trip in order to prevent malaria.

Rabies: Bats, dogs, and other mammals throughout Mexico do carry rabies, but the risk is small for most travelers. However, those who are planning on spending significant amounts of time outdoors (such as hiking), those who are planning a long stay in a remote area, and those who will be working around animals are recommended to have their rabies vaccination up-to-date.

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Water and Food Safety in Mexico

Mexico’s water supply is known to cause issues with tourists. It is important that you exercise every possible caution when using tap water. Brush your teeth using sealed bottled water, and inquire about the water and ice served in restaurants and bars. Be sure it is from a safe source. Also, you may not think of this but some juices or mixers in drinks are made with water, you should probably stay away from them. It is safe to drink things that come out of a can or bottle, taps are best to stay away from.

In terms of food, take the same precautions that you would with any food. Make sure the meat is not undercooked and that you eat in popular places as they will not have food that is laying around too much. Eating salads and raw vegetables can be risky, however. Both of these need to be washed and you can assume they will be washed in Mexico’s water supply. Be careful.

Travel to Mexico with Medication and Visiting Pharmacies

The airport TSA usually requires that you carry your prescriptions in their original bottle and have a note from your doctor or a copy of the prescription. You are only allowed to bring enough medication that you need for the length of your stay.

It is suggested that you bring an antidiarrheal medicine with you in case you run into an issue. If you forgot it or could not get it in time, visit a local pharmacy to buy an over-the-counter version.

Finding Emergency Assistance in Mexico

The primary number for all types of emergencies in Mexico is 911; calling this number will connect you with emergency assistance from the police, fire department, or doctors as needed.

In certain emergency situations, your home country’s embassy or consulate can provide invaluable assistance. Over 80 countries maintain embassies in Mexico City; here are links to the contact information for some of the largest:

Resources for Travel to Mexico:


  • Travel Insurance for Visitors to the USA
  • Canada Travel Insurance for Tourists
Author: Joe Cronin, Founder and President of International Citizens Insurance. Mr. Cronin, a former expat, is an authority in the areas of international travel, and global health, life, and travel insurance, with expertise in advising individuals and groups on benefits for today's global workforce. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.
Mexico Travel Insurance (2024)


Do I need travel insurance to travel to Mexico? ›

While you aren't legally required to have travel insurance as a visitor to Mexico, it can still be valuable protection for expensive nonrefundable trip costs. Secure. Fast. Free.

What's the best travel insurance for Mexico? ›

If you plan to get active in Mexico and want to make sure you have adequate travel insurance coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation, we recommend the SafeTreker plan from Trawick International.

How much is insurance for Mexico? ›

Buying travel insurance for Mexico

The average cost of travel insurance for trips to Mexico is $157, according to data from Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison provider. This is for an average trip length of eight days and an average trip cost of $2,837.

Can I use my US insurance in Mexico? ›

Your U.S. auto insurance won't cover you after crossing the border of Mexico. You'll need a special Mexican auto insurance policy to legally drive in Mexico, which can be acquired through an insurance agent.

What kind of insurance do I need in Mexico? ›

Liability car insurance in Mexico

You are required by Mexican law to have liability insurance. If you cause a car accident, this covers bodily injuries and property damage to others. You can typically choose a policy limit (up to a certain amount).

What type of insurance is required in Mexico? ›

You'll need Mexican liability car insurance to legally drive in Mexico. A U.S. auto insurance policy won't cover you in Mexico, and you could be jailed if you are in an accident while driving uninsured there. You can buy a short-term Mexican auto insurance policy to make sure you're covered during a brief visit.

Does my US health insurance cover me in Mexico? ›

U.S. health insurance plans typically do not cover regular and routine medical care required overseas. This means your health insurance won't pay for care if you need to visit a doctor for a prescription medicine, or if you need treatment for a condition that is not considered an emergency.

Who is the best and cheapest travel insurance? ›

The 7 Best Cheap Travel Insurance Companies Worth The Cost
CompanyBBB RatingCheapest Plan
Travelex Compare PlansA+Travel basic
Seven Corners Travel Insurance Compare PlansA+Trip Protection Basic
Generali Global Assistance Compare PlansA+Standard Plan
AIG Travel Guard Compare PlansA+Essential
3 more rows
3 days ago

Why is travel insurance expensive for Mexico? ›

For example, some include Mexico in a subset of countries that includes the United States, Canada and nations in the Caribbean – places notorious for high medical costs and therefore the most expensive for insurance purposes. A policy that covers every country is known as Worldwide.

Can Americans get free healthcare in Mexico? ›

Mexico has a public healthcare system, the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), which provides medical services to citizens and permanent residents. It is funded by the government and contributions from employees and employers. The services offered by IMSS are free of charge for its beneficiaries.

How much is Mexico tourist auto insurance? ›

The cost of Mexican car insurance for tourists can range from about $50 to $80 for liability-only coverage and $150 to $200 for full coverage. The specific price you pay depends on factors such as the value of your car, the length of your visit and the coverages you choose.

Is healthcare free in Mexico for foreigners? ›

Foreigners who are living and employed in Mexico are eligible for IMSS coverage. It is a popular resource for working expats with a temporary or permanent residency visa. The advantage of IMSS health coverage is it's very affordable, only costing approximately $500 per year for residents.

Does AAA have coverage in Mexico? ›

Since U.S. liability insurance is invalid in Mexico, you'll need proof of Mexico auto insurance for a road trip south of the border. AAA can help you get what's required through one of Mexico's largest and most reputable insurance companies.

Should you travel without travel insurance? ›

But even if your trip isn't 100% refundable, insurance may not be necessary. For example, a cheap flight and hotel stay may not be worth covering, though you may still want to purchase travel insurance for medical situations.

Does my Geico insurance cover me in Mexico? ›

If you drive your car into Mexico, your US auto insurance policy can't come with you. Driving your car in Mexico requires a separate international auto insurance policy. But don't worry. GEICO can help you get a Mexico auto insurance quote.

Do you need travel insurance to go to Cancun? ›

Before you travel to Cancun, you might be asking yourself a few common questions: Is it safe to travel to Cancun? Is travel insurance required for entry into Mexico? It's not mandatory to get travel insurance to visit Cancun. Even though Cancun is quite safe, purchasing travel medical insurance is always a good idea.

Do you need Mexican insurance to cross the border? ›

To drive into Mexico from the U.S., you're required to bring the appropriate identification, a couple permits (depending on how far into Mexico you're going), and your proof of Mexico auto insurance. If your car is financed, you'll also need a letter of permission from your lender.

Is travel insurance still required? ›

Many countries are also requiring travel insurance is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we are past the height of the pandemic, some international destinations still require that travelers arrive with specific travel medical insurance that covers COVID-19.

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