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World leaders are debating a treaty on plastics: Why?


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Packed Supreme Court week: Trump, abortion bans, homeless camps, scary tattoos


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Reports: Florida City man drove girlfriend's body to police station


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As nations rush to the moon, they'll depend on a new lunar time zone


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These are the best and worst ages to take Social Security benefits


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Delta Burke says she used crystal meth for weight loss in 1980s


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Britain pushes through controversial Rwanda asylum seekers plan


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Taylor Swift's 'Tortured' songwriting could be part of the problem


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He never played college football. Now, he's on verge of NFL dream.

Jarrett Bell

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Latest World & National News & Headlines (2024)


What are the top five headlines today? ›

Latest News
  • Salem, Tamil Nadu4 Killed, 20 Injured After Bus Falls Into Gorge In Tamil Nadu.
  • UK Sends First Asylum Seeker To Rwanda: Report.
  • Advertisem*nt.
  • Canada Opposition Leader Ejected From House After Calling Trudeau "Wacko"
  • "Ambedkar Said...": ...
  • Ex-Binance CEO Jailed For 4 Months In US Over Money Laundering Violations.

What's the top news in the world today? ›

  • 'My whole family has perished:' 22 killed in Israeli airstrike on Rafah, hospital staff say.
  • Hamas to consider ceasefire-hostage release proposal that Israeli sources say could avert Rafah invasion.
  • Nine accused of far-right plot to overthrow German government go on trial.

What's going on today in the world? ›

  • Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah 'with or without a deal' as cease-fire talks with Hamas continue. ...
  • The top UN court rejects Nicaragua's request for Germany to halt aid to Israel. ...
  • Why Israel is so determined to launch an offensive in Rafah. ...
  • The US is building a pier off Gaza to bring in humanitarian aid.
12 hours ago

What are today's top 10 news headlines in English? ›

  • Godrej Group Splits Between 2 Branches Of Founding Family.
  • AstraZeneca Admits Covishield Jab Has Rare Side-Effect. ...
  • "Life, Liberty Exceedingly Important": Top Court On Arvind Kejriwal Arrest.
  • Women Paraded, Raped In Manipur Were Driven To Mob By Cops: CBI Chargesheet.
  • Why BCCI Snubbed Rinku From T20 WC?

What news is trending in usa? ›

  • Emergency slide from diverted Delta flight recovered. ...
  • Watch as zebras run wild on Washington highway after escaping trailer. ...
  • Philips agrees to $1.1 billion settlement over recalled sleep apnea machines. ...
  • A month after Baltimore bridge collapse, 1st container ship arrives.

Which news is most popular in USA? ›

The New York Times remained the biggest newsbrand in the US by number of visits, followed by CNN, MSN, Fox News and Yahoo Finance (150.1 million visits) which knocked People out of fifth position.

What is the most read news website in the US? ›

USA News Websites
  1. The New York Times. New York City, New York, US. ...
  2. The Huffington Post. US. ...
  3. Fox News | Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines. US. ...
  4. POLITICO. Washington, District of Columbia, US. ...
  5. 5. Yahoo News » Latest News & Headlines. New York City, New York, US. ...
  6. NPR News. ...
  7. Los Angeles Times. ...
  8. The Top Daily News.

When was the last news of the world? ›

10 July 2011

What's the importance of today? ›

Today is the most important day of your life. The importance of today may involve something you do for someone else. Even "bad days" should be lived to their fullest. You can set up tomorrow based on what you do today.

What are the biggest sports headlines right now? ›

  • Capitals' Alex Ovechkin has no points in an NHL playoff series for the 1st time. ...
  • Gausman pitches 7 innings for first win as Blue Jays cool off Dodgers with 3-1 win. ...
  • Cummings and Samad help Mohun Bagan into ISL final. ...
  • India men topple Korea in archery, win World Cup gold.

What is the most read news website? ›

What is the headline title of the news? ›

The title above a story in a newspaper, magazine ornewsletter is called a headline, or "hed" ("head") in print journalism, or a "heading" in online pages.

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