Human Rights | Document | Mexico | U.S. Agency for International Development (2024)

Significant human rights violations including unlawful killings, torture, unresolved disappearances, and femicides unfortunately persist with impunity in Mexico. High levels of violence by organized criminal groups and the Government of Mexico’s (GOM) response has led to widespread abuses. Evidence suggests that security forces have been involved in many cases. Journalists and human rights defenders continue to be targeted, threatened, and killed. While the GOM has taken positive steps, prominent civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the United Nations, the Inter-American Human Rights System, and the country’s National Human Rights Commission continue to document and warn of human rights challenges in Mexico. With 93 percent of crimes going unreported and uninvestigated, a justice system more capable of sanctioning human rights offenders is a necessary condition in addition to strengthened protection measures.

Human Rights | Document | Mexico | U.S. Agency for International Development (2024)
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