Green Angels - Mexico Roadside Assistance (2024)

Roadside assistance in Mexico is provided by Green Angels since 1960 when it was founded.Green Angels(Ángeles Verdes) is the Mexican version of AAA in the USA. Unlike in the US where AAA is a private organization, in Mexico, Green Angels is a government run organization and falls under the Ministry of Tourism. The one difference is that Green Angles focuses primarily on highways.

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Amongst its many objectives, Green Angels objective is to ensure a pleasant travel experience for tourists on Mexican highways. With a team of almost 700 employees, they travel 22 million kilometers a year on 205 highways.

When you need assistance with your vehicle on the highway, dial 078 or 911. 911 works better from cell phones. Your call is routed to a dispatch center with state of the art equipment.From the dispatch center, the agent closest to you is contacted to give you support. Note that Green Angels services goes beyond providing assistance to vehicles. Tourists can also call for help. Cyclists on long rides with issues are known to make use of this service.
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Type of Service Provided by Green Angels

Green Angels service are pretty much free - depending on what is needed. Changing tires or getting you towed to the nearest shop is free. However, if you need parts and a bigger mechanical job, you will need to pay the shop you have been towed to. Green Angel drivers are auto mechanics and thus know quite a bit about cars. They're also able to change items like engine belts on the spot.

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How To Contact Green Angels

Green Angels can be contacted by dialing 078or 911 from your phone. 078 can sometimes have a trouble connecting to the dispatch center, espeically when the call is made from a cell phone. For this reason, it is recommended to call 911 instead.

Due to pandemic, as of early 2021, road side assistance is currently provided only Friday through Sunday. Full service Monday to Sunday will be restored soon. However, you may still call the head office for other questions.+52 30026300 or 911.

Insurance Option for Roadside Assistance

Given the reduceddays Green Angels provides service, another option is to get Mexican Insurance which provides roadside assistance. Note that US auto insurance does not cover driving in Mexico. And since US visitors to Mexico will need auto insurance, might as well get one that includes roadside assistance at no extra cost. Baja Shieldoffers such policies.

Mexican Insurance Roadside Coverage Includes:

  • Towing of up to $1000
  • Jumpstart vehicle when battery dies
  • Lockout assistance for when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire (inflation or installation of spare).In case the tire needs replacement, the cost is covered by the policyholder, not the insurance company.
  • Freegas of up to 10 liters should you run out of gas. Ifmore gas is needed, the policyholder would pay for any additional.

The policies typically have a number to call on the front of the policy.

Tips Before Embarking On Your Drive Through Mexico

Mexico is a big country. Your trip through Mexico may be a couple of hours, or several days. The following recommendations are best practice before going on a long drive.

  1. Check Tire pressure
  2. Radiator coolant
  3. Secure and test the battery
  4. Plan ahead for maintenance.

Interview with Green Angels Representative

Below video was conducted with a representative of the Green Angeles. The representative provides insightful information and advisories about traveling in Mexico.


Green Angels Community Service

In addition to Green Angels regular job of patrolling the highways and providing assistance, Green Angels also participate in community events to educate the public on their service and when to call them.
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Green Angels - Mexico Roadside Assistance (2024)


Is there roadside assistance in Mexico? ›

Roadside assistance in Mexico is provided by Green Angels since 1960 when it was founded. Green Angels (Ángeles Verdes) is the Mexican version of AAA in the USA. Unlike in the US where AAA is a private organization, in Mexico, Green Angels is a government run organization and falls under the Ministry of Tourism.

What to do if a car breaks down in Mexico? ›

You can dial 078 while in Mexico for help if you are stranded. There are plenty of good mechanics in Mexico so if your vehicle needs to be serviced, you're ok. Some drivers prefer to have their cars towed to the border. Talk to your insurer about towing insurance when you sign up for a Mexican insurance policy.

What is the number 078 in Mexico? ›

Tourist Assistance

In Mexico you can dial 078 from any phone, where you can find free information about tourist attractions, airports, travel agencies, car rental companies, embassies and consulates, fairs and exhibitions, hotels, hospitals, financial services, migratory and other issues.

What does Texas Roadside Assistance help with? ›

Services include: Towing, Tire Change, Fuel Delivery, Battery Service, Lockout Service, Winching and Mechanical First Aid.

Can I use AAA in Mexico? ›

Since U.S. liability insurance is invalid in Mexico, you'll need proof of Mexico auto insurance for a road trip south of the border. AAA can help you get what's required through one of Mexico's largest and most reputable insurance companies.

Does AAA operate in Mexico? ›

Find savings at more than 500 partner locations throughout Mexico with your AAA Membership. Use your AAA card wherever you see this sign: To learn more about membership savings internationally through AAA at your local AAA website click "GO." International Affiliate Members, click here to access the site.

What are green angels in Mexico? ›

The Green Angels are a government paid bilingual crew that patrol the toll roads throughout Mexico every day in green trucks, to help motorists on major highways, the Mexican Tourism Ministry operates a fleet of more than 275 pickup trucks, known as the Angeles Verdes, or Green Angels.

What to do if your car breaks down and you have no money? ›

Help! My Car Broke Down and I Have No Money
  1. Ask a friend, colleague, or family member. ...
  2. Start a side hustle. ...
  3. Prioritize your most important car repairs. ...
  4. Pay off your auto loan and sell the car. ...
  5. Use a short-term personal loan or new credit card to pay for repairs. ...
  6. Insurance rate hikes. ...
  7. Tire replacement. ...
  8. Traffic tickets.
Mar 27, 2023

What is 411 in Mexico? ›

Area codes in Mexico by code (400-499)
Providencia de CaleraGuanajuato411
San Andres EnguaroGuanajuato411
San Isidro CuliacánGuanajuato411
158 more rows

What is 066 in Mexico? ›

I know that when local you dial 066 for an emergency. You can ask your local police to go through Interpol to contact someone.

What is the number 52 in Mexico? ›

52 is Mexico's international dialing code. Area Code – There are 385 area codes in Mexico so if there's a code you need to dial it after you dial the international dialing code (52). If there's no area code, simply dial the recipient's number after dialing the international dialing code (52).

What's the best company for roadside assistance? ›

Compare Roadside Assistance
Top Roadside Assistance CompanyOverall RatingRoadside Assistance Award
1. Better World Club9.6Best Roadside Assistance Company
2. Good Sam9.5Best Roadside Assistance For RV
3. Allstate9.4Best Roadside Assistance Deals
4. Travelers9.3Cheap Car Insurance With Roadside Assistance
7 more rows
Mar 9, 2024

What is the difference between roadside assistance and roadside recovery? ›

When your mechanic arrives, they'll try to fix your vehicle there and then (otherwise known as roadside assistance). If they can't, they'll tow you to a garage (also called 'recovery') for repairs, so you won't be left stranded at the roadside.

Can you call AAA for roadside assistance? ›

Does AAA roadside assistance work internationally? ›

Does AAA work in other countries? Roadside services are available to AAA Members in Canada and many other parts of the world. Visit the website of the AAA-affiliated organization in the country you're planning to visit for information about coverage and benefits.

Does Mexico have emergency services? ›

As of 2017, a 911 system is in use in Mexico, and Argentina where any implementation in different states and municipalities is being conducted. Venezuela also has a 911 emergency service called VEN911. As of 2023, it has been in operation for almost 10 years.

Does AAA cover roadside assistance internationally? ›

Please note that you will be required to present a valid AAA membership in order to be eligible to receive services from mobility clubs in other countries. Check with your local AAA branch office about upgrading to a Premier membership to explore enhanced benefits when traveling overseas.

Does AAA cover me abroad? ›

AAA annual plans

The annual policies provide 365 days of domestic and international coverage and are best suited for those who travel often.

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