Car Insurance for Mexico (Tourist) - Get a Free Quote (2024)

Get a Mexico Car Insurance Policy With GEICO

Your US auto insurance policy won't cover your car if you drive into Mexico. To have coverage while driving in Mexico, you need to buy a separate Mexico tourist auto policy.

Mexico car insurance is competitively priced and offers customizable short-term or extended coverage options, including physical damage, liability, vandalism, partial theft, medical payments, roadside assistance, and more. Check out the Mexico car insurance coverages for more details.

The GEICO Insurance Agency can help you get affordable car insurance for visits to Mexico. Get a quote, choose the policy that's right for you, and buy online.

Why buy Mexico car insurance?

Are you traveling for the weekend, taking an RV vacation, or even staying longer? GEICO can help you get a Mexico auto insurance policy that's right for you.

Flexible options include:

  • Daily policies
  • 6 month policies
  • 12 month policies

What do I need to get a Mexico car insurance policy?

It's helpful to have the following information handy before starting your Mexican car insurance quote:

  • Dates you'll be traveling in Mexico
  • Where in Mexico you'll be traveling
  • US auto insurance policy number

If you're driving your personal vehicle:

  • Make, model, year, and current market value for the vehicle
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number

Insuring your motorcycle or RV in Mexico

Along with cars, we can also insure your motorcycle or RV when traveling to Mexico. Whether you're planning a weekend ride to the coast on your motorcycle or want to see all that Mexico has to offer in your RV, GEICO can help.

Reliable Mexico Car Insurance

We secure policies by working with highly rated Mexican insurance companies like Grupo Nacional Provincial and El Aguila Compania de Seguros. These Mexico insurance policies are issued by a fully-licensed US Insurance Broker, International Insurance Group, Inc. who issues over 100,000 Mexico auto policies each year.

Coverage Options

Get up to $500,000 third party liability limits at a low cost. Choose the coverage that's right for you: physical damage, theft, vandalism, and medical payments can be customized with low deductibles.

Service and Claims

Mexico insurance comes with a dedicated staff to handle your questions and claims. If your vehicle is damaged, just file a claim before leaving Mexico. You can even choose to have your vehicle repaired back in the US.

Watercrafts and ATVs

Have toys like ATVs, UTVs, or watercrafts? Mexican Insurance can cover those too with a slightly higher deductible. Start your free quote online to learn more.

Insuring a Rental Car in Mexico

Getting rental car insurance in Mexico may be a bit hard. Don't worry. We're here to help you get prepared.

Mexican Car Insurance Through the Rental Company

If you rent a car in Mexico, start by asking the rental agency for insurance. In most cases, you can get car insurance directly through them. Since most US auto insurers only insure rentals with US license plates, getting coverage through the Mexican rental agency is usually the only option.

Renting a vehicle in the US and driving it into Mexico is a different story. Not all rental companies allow drivers to take their cars into Mexico. You should check with the rental location first. Some rental companies only allow travel to Mexico from certain areas. You may also be charged an additional fee and or may be required to purchase insurance through them.

Mexican Car Insurance Through Your Credit Card Company

Did you know that Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and other card companies provide rental car coverage?

Before you book your rental car, call the number on the back of your credit card. If you book the rental with that card, your card company might offer insurance coverage.

Some companies have additional requirements or don't provide liability insurance, so confirm the details with your card company.

Roadside Assistance in Mexico

Roadside assistance is available with your Mexico auto policy, including towing, flat tire repair, fuel delivery, and more. Help is just a call away 24 hours a day in both English and Spanish.

Need to speak with us?

You can reach us at (888) 713-3312.

  • Monday - Saturday

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)

Mexico Insurance: Get the answers you're looking for.

  • What does Mexico car insurance cover?

    In general, Mexico car insurance has coverages similar to your GEICO Auto Insurance:

    • Physical damage for damages to your vehicle
    • Liability damage for damages to other people's vehicles, property, and/or injuries
    • Vandalism
    • Partial theft
    • Medical payments for injuries to you and your passengers
    • Roadside assistance
    • Gap insurance in the event there is a loan or lien on the vehicle
    • Medical evaluation to a home hospital and vehicle return included on daily policies

    Everyone is different, so make sure the protection you pick is right for you.

  • Do you have more information about Mexico auto insurance?

    For additional information about Mexico car insurance please visit our Mexico car insurance information page.

  • Does GEICO provide car insurance in other countries?

    We do! Please visit our international car insurance page to learn about all the coverages we offer to our customers heading to other countries.

Please note:

The above is meant as general information and as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverages. These descriptions do not refer to any specific contract of insurance and they do not modify any definitions, exclusions or any other provision expressly stated in any contracts of insurance. We encourage you to speak to your insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.

If you choose to get a rate quote online, you will be taken to the International Insurance Group, Inc. website. This site is not owned by GEICO. Any information that you provide directly to International Insurance Group, Inc. on its website is subject to the privacy policy posted on their website, which you should read before proceeding. GEICO assumes no responsibility for their privacy practices or the use of their website.

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance and Mexico Watercraft Liability Insurance coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC.

Car Insurance for Mexico (Tourist) - Get a Free Quote (2024)


How much is Mexican car insurance for tourists? ›

And depending on many factors (including what car you're driving, how long you're staying, and which coverage options you choose), the cost ranges from $2 to $40 per day.

Can you buy Mexican car insurance at the border? ›

Mexican car insurance at the border is typically far more expensive that purchasing a temporary Mexico policy ahead of time.

Does Geico car insurance cover Mexico? ›

Get a Mexico Car Insurance Policy With GEICO

Your US auto insurance policy won't cover your car if you drive into Mexico. To have coverage while driving in Mexico, you need to buy a separate Mexico tourist auto policy.

What insurance should I get when renting a car in Mexico? ›

Personal Liability Insurance, also referred to as Third-Party Insurance, is mandatory when renting a car in Mexico. You cannot rent a car without this coverage. Although this is the only obligatory type of insurance, it's not always enough. In fact, it's highly recommended to opt for additional coverage.

Is Mexican car insurance necessary? ›

Mexican law requires all drivers, including U.S. tourists who plan to drive in the country, to have liability coverage. The minimum requirements are: 100,000 Mexican pesos (around $5,000) for bodily injury and death liability coverage. 50,000 Mexican pesos (around $2,500) for property liability damage.

Do you need separate car insurance for Mexico? ›

Your U.S. car insurance policy alone will not be sufficient to satisfy Mexican Federal Liability Law. To satisfy this law, you must buy a separate Mexican liability insurance policy from a licensed Mexican insurance company.

Can I drive in Mexico with a US license? ›

As a US citizen, driving in Mexico is relatively simple. All you need is your US driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. However, it's always a good idea to have a passport on hand in case you're stopped by Mexican authorities. Here's a checklist of other documents you need to have to drive in Mexico.

Can I use my US insurance in Mexico? ›

Your U.S. auto insurance won't cover you after crossing the border of Mexico. You'll need a special Mexican auto insurance policy to legally drive in Mexico, which can be acquired through an insurance agent.

How much is international car insurance in Mexico? ›

How Much is Mexican Car Insurance? Cost per day: Coverage for liability only can be as low as $30 USD per day. If you include vehicle coverage, it can be about $42 USD per day. Annual cost: Annual liability coverage is around $200 USD per year.

Does AAA work in Mexico? ›

AAA can help you get what's required through one of Mexico's largest and most reputable insurance companies. Policies range from a day to a year so you can customize coverage to fit your needs. Choose from liability only to extended coverage for automobiles, RVs, and trailers.

Is there AAA in Mexico? ›

Roadside assistance in Mexico is provided by Green Angels since 1960 when it was founded. Green Angels (Ángeles Verdes) is the Mexican version of AAA in the USA. Unlike in the US where AAA is a private organization, in Mexico, Green Angels is a government run organization and falls under the Ministry of Tourism.

Can you get Mexican insurance on a rental car? ›

Mexican law requires this insurance to drive into Mexico. Mexico insurance can only be purchased at the rental counter and not online. Mexico insurance is offered at all locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas for the Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty brands.

Does my US car insurance cover me in Mexico? ›

U.S./Canadian auto insurance does not cover the legal requirement of liability coverage into Mexico. Mexican authorities do not recognize U.S./Canadian insurance coverage.

Is it a good idea to rent a car in Mexico? ›

For the most part, renting a car in Mexico is safe, and I have personally done it several times without a problem. It's a huge country with lots to see, and road trips are a popular method of tourism. It should go without saying but all travel has some inherent risk so proceed accordingly.

How much does a rental car cost in Mexico? ›

Find the rental car in Mexico that's right for you
Small cars$10 - $53
All Car Types$27 - $67

Can I insure a Mexican car in the USA? ›

yes as long as you have insurence and yes there are cheap insurance companies in Mexico that will give you liability insurance in the u.s.

Why is travel insurance expensive for Mexico? ›

For example, some include Mexico in a subset of countries that includes the United States, Canada and nations in the Caribbean – places notorious for high medical costs and therefore the most expensive for insurance purposes. A policy that covers every country is known as Worldwide.

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